Everything Simplified and Made Easy : Advanced Technical Writing Training Workshop

October 25, 2014


As its second offering for its 2014 Public Seminar Series, CLEARVISION OUTSOURCING presented its Advanced Technical Writing Training Workshop, intended for participants already with a background on basic technical writing. This was held on October 22-23, 2014 at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel, with the majority of participants coming from the public sector.

What would have normally been a boring, highly-technical workshop turned out, on the contrary, to be a fun-filled, engaging learning event. With two attorneys-at-law taking center stage to facilitate the workshop, a host of major inputs and practical tips were gained by the participants. Moreover, a series of games, actual writing workshops, and inspirational videos presented by CVO successfully motivated the participants into very productive engagement. Useful content and clarifications were documented for the participants’ inclusion in their technical reports, proving to be a truly effective learning event for all.


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