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CVO Commences Offshore Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO ) Partnership with Multinational IT Client

May 11, 2015

May 2015-3

After almost a year of challenges and preparation for accreditation, Clearvision Outsourcing’s engagement with a large IT multinational Client finally commenced.

A win-win partnership between CVO and its offshore Client paved the way for the multinational to commence an incubation project, intended to initiate navigation of doing business in the Philippines. With the project already successfully in place according to the Terms of Engagement, CVO has proven itself to be highly value-adding to its multinational Client, providing detailed guidance through the nuances of the Philippine Recruitment, HR Management, and Business environment.

With provision of high-quality services as its strategic direction, CVO looks forward to an expanding roster of offshore clients and BPO services.

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Nothing as Effective as a Hands-On Workshop : Technical Aspects of Audio-Video Production

March 24, 2015


The last of its series of Public Seminar Workshops offered by CLEARVISION OUTSOURCING for 2014 was a learning event on the Technical Aspects of Audio-Video Production. Held in two parts – one on December 9, 2014 and the second part in March 2015, the workshop was truly hands-on and proved to be truly productive for all participants who attended.

The first part was facilitated by a practicing film director, who imparted useful familiarization on basic studio equipment, including lighting and audio-video basics. CVO and the facilitating media group utilized actual audio-video equipment for more effective assimilation by all. Participants completed hands-on exercises , and were quite pleased with the outcome of their individual output.

The second part was facilitated by a media expert in digital animation and post-production work. Another hands-on activity ensued, where each participant crafted his own production, and presented the same at the end of the workshop. As in the first part, each participant had his own computer to use with the recommended software. Recommendations for upgrading of the participants’ studios capped the highly-productive learning event, and enriched the participants’ network for resource persons in audio-video production.

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Acting as a Catalyst in Moving an International Engineering Company Forward With a Two-Day Strategic Planning Workshop

February 27, 2015

February 2015-2

The opening of the year 2015 saw Clearvision Outsourcing making a huge difference in the journey to productivity for ESCA Inc. an international engineering management company with projects worldwide.CVO guided ESCA’s top company executives, including its CEO, through a two-day Strategic Planning Workshop where the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of its business organization were assessed. As a standard output of CVO after each workshop, a set of strategic recommendations was submitted to ESCA Management for further support to the Strategic Plan developed in the workshop. This has set the wheels of improvement for the company grinding, and business success will surely be not far behind.

February 2015-5 February 2015-4 February 2015-1

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CVO Guides its Client Company to Improvement with a One-Year HR Consulting Engagement

November 18, 2014

November 2014-2

The Clearvision Outsourcing Team of Human Resource Consultants added a new feather to the professional group’s cap with the completion of an HR Strategic Plan for the VBP Group of Companies, commencing 12 months of intensive consulting work.

The consulting project commenced with strategic planning workshops for the three companies under the VBP Group, namely: Dermclinic Inc., JLC Miller Inc. and Dermpharma Inc. Enabled to make assessments of the challenges within these three organizations, CVO submitted a set of recommendations to its CEO, a standard output after each workshop held for a client.

The CVO consulting group was thus asked to establish a more detailed Human Resource Strategic Plan, aimed at strengthening the HR organization and improving its business processes. CVO was further asked to help implement changes for improvement in the organization. The journey was laden with many enlightening experiences for the consultants, and in the end, the improvement sought after was achieved.

November 2014-3 November 2014-4 November 2014-1

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Leveraging on the Experience and Creativity of Media Professionals : Basic Scriptwriting Workshop

October 26, 2014


CLEARVISION OUTSOURCING once again outdid itself with the holding of a Basic Scriptwriting Workshop as its third offering for its 2014 Public Seminar Series. Wildly fun and dynamic, the learning event was held on Oct. 23-24, 2014 at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel for participants wishing not only to improve their writing communication skills, but also to get a feel and background of the world of scriptwriting.

With expert media practitioners in scriptwriting as facilitators, the highly-engaged participants got their basic, step-by-step scriptwriting lessons in radio, television and film. They not only got the opportunity to be guided by experts in writing their own scripts, but also got the chance to see their scripts come to life in actual radio, television and video productions. All these, after appreciating the own work of the expert scriptwriter facilitating the workshop, seeing for themselves how the production evolved from mere concept to script, onto full production conveying a message.

True to its signature entertainment value in all its workshops while participants learn, the Basic Scriptwriting Workshop was certainly one event to remember for all.


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Everything Simplified and Made Easy : Advanced Technical Writing Training Workshop

October 25, 2014


As its second offering for its 2014 Public Seminar Series, CLEARVISION OUTSOURCING presented its Advanced Technical Writing Training Workshop, intended for participants already with a background on basic technical writing. This was held on October 22-23, 2014 at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel, with the majority of participants coming from the public sector.

What would have normally been a boring, highly-technical workshop turned out, on the contrary, to be a fun-filled, engaging learning event. With two attorneys-at-law taking center stage to facilitate the workshop, a host of major inputs and practical tips were gained by the participants. Moreover, a series of games, actual writing workshops, and inspirational videos presented by CVO successfully motivated the participants into very productive engagement. Useful content and clarifications were documented for the participants’ inclusion in their technical reports, proving to be a truly effective learning event for all.


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A Different Approach Using Simulation : Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Development Workshop

October 15, 2014


CLEARVISION OUTSOURCING opened its 2014 Public Seminar Series with a bang with the facilitation of a Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Development Workshop for motivated learners wanting to improve their public communication skills.  The full-house workshop was held at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel on Oct. 9-10, 2014, and proved to be quite different from other training workshops in its class.

The highlight of the training workshop facilitated by communications experts was the holding of an activity where an actual public speech was required to be delivered by each participant in a simulated environment. The participants were each asked to prepare a speech and dress for the role, and deliver it in an awesome, well-prepared set-up, complete with lights, proper audio and a responsive audience. Each one was videotaped and thereafter critiqued constructively by the expert facilitators. Everyone was also provided with the video of himself/herself delivering the speech for self-development initiatives, capping a truly productive and memorable learning event.


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Rosa Farms, Zambales:
Escape from the Corporate Jungle

August 29, 2014

Rosa Farms is a 12.5–hectare mango orchard located in the heart of the Zambales province. Every harvest, the farm is flocked by Pick-and-Pay visitors from several parts of the country, including OFWs and balikbayans from abroad. Today, the farm has evolved into becoming a popular choice for corporate retreats and team building events for those who wish to escape the stresses of    the urban jungle.

The primary activity area in Rosa Farms is located directly underneath a canopy of huge century-old mango trees, providing a tranquil environment, perfect for those wanting to detox from the stresses of the corporate arena. A corporate event set at Rosa Farms is an assurance that the experience will be a private escape from the typical setup of a traditional hotel or a dreary function room.

Rosa Farms is a partner establishment of CLEARVISION OUTSOURCING CONSULTANTS. To learn more about Rosa Farms, you may visit or visit our Facebook Page . You may also contact us directly through email or call (02) 990-5604 or (0917) 315-2223 to learn more about the services we offer in partnership with Rosa Farms.

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The Importance of Preparing for ASEAN 2015

August 29, 2014


What is the ASEAN INTEGRATION of 2015?

Since its inception, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has continually sought to create a true ASEAN Economic Community, where its Member States – Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines – work together to achieve political stability, economic integration, and social cohesiveness. In order to realize a true ASEAN Economic Community this 2015, the Philippines, along with the other ASEAN Member States, have sought to boost investments, job creation, income, and the overall economic progress in the South East Asian Region by prompting ASEAN Member States to be open to zero import duties for ASEAN products and services by 2015.

How will the ASEAN INTEGRATION affect Philippine companies?

While the ASEAN Integration of 2015 seeks to level the playing field among the industries within the region, this change also means facing a wider market and production base, and a progressive demand for improvement, innovation, quality, and productivity for ASEAN products and services. This also means that companies may be faced with either greater opportunities, if sufficiently prepared, or greater challenges, if their businesses are left unguarded. The only thing certain is that a fiercer competition among businesses is inevitable.

Throughout the years, organizations and industries within the ASEAN Region have sought to improve the quality of their products and services. These efforts for continuous innovation make the competition among industries a great challenge. Thus, it is very substantial to create leverage to address this competition, by planning ahead and conducting strategic planning workshops, with greater focus on the ASEAN challenge.

What should be the NEXT STEP for industries and organizations in the Philippines?

Plan ahead. Economists have a mixed forecast on the impact of the ASEAN Integration to the Philippine setting, but businesses have already included the ASEAN Integration as an important agenda in their Strategic Planning for 2015 and beyond, to maximize its benefits and, as much as possible, minimize inherent disadvantages. Know the ASEAN Market, know the competition, and know where your company is headed through this change.

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Knowledge Sharing:
Consultancy for Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Program

August 15, 2014

Technology Training on Aquaculture - DOST III

May 29 – 30, 2014 – In partnership with the Department of Science and Technology Region III (DOST-III),  CLEARVISION OUTSOURCING CONSULTANTS is conducting a knowledge-sharing program designed to assist aquaculture and horticulture farmers in the provinces within Region 3 in the island of Luzon, Philippines, called the Consultancy for Agricultural Productivity Enhancement (CAPE) Program .

Part of the CAPE Program is the provision of training-seminars for the farmers, farm owners, managers, and CAPE Beneficiaries within the region. For the two days of the training-seminars, aquaculture experts from University of the Philippines, Visayas, under the leadership of Prof. Valeriano Corre, Jr., were invited to provide Aquaculture Training to all CAPE farmers/beneficiaries, sharing knowledge and information on modern farming techniques and technology available in the country.

The first day of the training-seminar was held in the Olongapo City Hall, in the province of Zambales, with participants from the provinces of Bataan and Zambales. The second day of the training-seminar was held in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga, with CAPE beneficiaries and farmers from the provinces of Bulacan and Pampanga.

The two days of the training-seminars became a venue for the discussion of effective aquaculture methodologies, potential improvements to the current practices of the farmers along with the experts’ recommendations. The training-seminars ended on a very promising tone, with the farmers and CAPE beneficiaries becoming more open to modern day practices and cost-effective farming techniques.

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