Leveraging on the Experience and Creativity of Media Professionals : Basic Scriptwriting Workshop

October 26, 2014


CLEARVISION OUTSOURCING once again outdid itself with the holding of a Basic Scriptwriting Workshop as its third offering for its 2014 Public Seminar Series. Wildly fun and dynamic, the learning event was held on Oct. 23-24, 2014 at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel for participants wishing not only to improve their writing communication skills, but also to get a feel and background of the world of scriptwriting.

With expert media practitioners in scriptwriting as facilitators, the highly-engaged participants got their basic, step-by-step scriptwriting lessons in radio, television and film. They not only got the opportunity to be guided by experts in writing their own scripts, but also got the chance to see their scripts come to life in actual radio, television and video productions. All these, after appreciating the own work of the expert scriptwriter facilitating the workshop, seeing for themselves how the production evolved from mere concept to script, onto full production conveying a message.

True to its signature entertainment value in all its workshops while participants learn, the Basic Scriptwriting Workshop was certainly one event to remember for all.


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