CVO Guides its Client Company to Improvement with a One-Year HR Consulting Engagement

November 18, 2014

November 2014-2

The Clearvision Outsourcing Team of Human Resource Consultants added a new feather to the professional group’s cap with the completion of an HR Strategic Plan for the VBP Group of Companies, commencing 12 months of intensive consulting work.

The consulting project commenced with strategic planning workshops for the three companies under the VBP Group, namely: Dermclinic Inc., JLC Miller Inc. and Dermpharma Inc. Enabled to make assessments of the challenges within these three organizations, CVO submitted a set of recommendations to its CEO, a standard output after each workshop held for a client.

The CVO consulting group was thus asked to establish a more detailed Human Resource Strategic Plan, aimed at strengthening the HR organization and improving its business processes. CVO was further asked to help implement changes for improvement in the organization. The journey was laden with many enlightening experiences for the consultants, and in the end, the improvement sought after was achieved.

November 2014-3 November 2014-4 November 2014-1

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