Nothing as Effective as a Hands-On Workshop : Technical Aspects of Audio-Video Production

March 24, 2015


The last of its series of Public Seminar Workshops offered by CLEARVISION OUTSOURCING for 2014 was a learning event on the Technical Aspects of Audio-Video Production. Held in two parts – one on December 9, 2014 and the second part in March 2015, the workshop was truly hands-on and proved to be truly productive for all participants who attended.

The first part was facilitated by a practicing film director, who imparted useful familiarization on basic studio equipment, including lighting and audio-video basics. CVO and the facilitating media group utilized actual audio-video equipment for more effective assimilation by all. Participants completed hands-on exercises , and were quite pleased with the outcome of their individual output.

The second part was facilitated by a media expert in digital animation and post-production work. Another hands-on activity ensued, where each participant crafted his own production, and presented the same at the end of the workshop. As in the first part, each participant had his own computer to use with the recommended software. Recommendations for upgrading of the participants’ studios capped the highly-productive learning event, and enriched the participants’ network for resource persons in audio-video production.

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